William PennAlternative School

The Allentown School District’s AEDY (Alternative Education for Disruptive Youth) Program at the William Penn Building is a short-term education placement for students meeting one of the six identified qualifications of “disruptive youth” per PDE. Students have individual behavior goal(s) based on the reason for referral and receive small group counseling and instruction per AEDY guidelines. Students return to their home school is coordinated once they meet the established goal. Placements are reviewed every 45 days.    

Alternative Education Announcements

Congratulations to our
November You Are The Light! recipients of the 2023-2024 school year!

  • Alisha Keiser, William Penn (Alternative Education) (trendsetter)
These trendsetters are members of the Allentown School District’s Learning Community who utilizes opportunities to create new paths for self, peers, colleagues or members of the ASD community; Contributes to the development and/or improvement of programs, services, or curriculum; Fosters staff and student growth, effectiveness, or professional development; Student trendsetters are people who demonstrate leadership within their schools/classroom to collaborate with administrators and staff to improve student experiences in ASD

  • Lisbeth Rodriguez Hernandez, William Penn (Alternative Education)(Quiet Heroes / Heroines)
These individuals might not live in the spotlight, but they are members of the Allentown School District’s Learning Community who continues to nurture those within their schools and departments. Staff Quiet Heroes develop successful partnerships and outreach to parents, businesses, or neighborhoods; provide community services or service-learning projects; display outstanding responsiveness, customer service, or customer satisfaction. Student Quiet Heroes contribute to the culture and climate of their school/community by supporting other students, staff, and families as a role model of active kindness, cooperation, and teamwork.